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The Blue Guitar Pick

A teenage girl’s fantasy – meet a rock star and fall in love… Dreams can come true right? The magical night naïve Emily Montgomery attended a concert featuring her favourite band, she got to do just that, and it would change the course of her life forever.

Due for release in 2022 by Foundations Book Publishing Company

Jessica H, NSW

After reading a sample, I can honestly say that Tracy is an excellent writer. She offered just the right amount of detail, as well as the right amount of action for the characters in each scene. The scenes flowed well and I was genuinely interested in turning the pages for more. I am a huge live music lover and her scenes felt authentic and real, quite like some of my own concert experiences.

Sarah D, QLD

Young naïve girl is disappointed when she doesn’t meet the sexy band member she adores but encounters another band members attention where a beautiful romance begins.

When a story flows with believable characters and settings it makes the reader enjoy and want to read more and more. This book kept my interest from start to finish and l was disappointed when it came to an end.

Lisa W, NSW

This is a well-written novel and the opening chapter hooked me from the start with the build up of tension and excitement at the concert. I liked the characters of Emily and Ryan. The supporting characters were also well fleshed out.

I like the premise of the story, written in an easy to read style. This is an author skilled at creating setting, describing action, and an author who has created intriguing characters.

Concert Live Audience

The Broken Guitar Pick

Emily and Adam's story continues in The Broken Guitar Pick. 
The sequel to The Blue Guitar Pick, is currently being written and should be ready for release late 2022/early 2023 

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